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The Vanquish Machine

The Vanquish Machine

The Vanquish machine is amazing. It causes near instantaneous weight loss. I’ts very affordable and takes only 30-45 minutes. What you do is lie down and the technician takes the “arms” of the Vanquish machine and puts them close to whatever body part where you want fat loss and adjust the frequency of the ultra sound and radio waves used by the Vanquish in order to cause weight loss. Most people choose belly (and who doesn’t want a smaller belly), the arms, thighs and even the neck.

How does it work? Well it cause apoptosis (program cell death) of fat cells. What does that mean? Well when exposed to the right frequency of Ultrasound and radio waves, the fat that is closest to the Vanquish arms die. The remains are excreted by the kidneys. This is why you have to be well hydrated when you come into your sessions.

I have personally done this treatment. It was amazing! Each time I do it, I lose about 1/2 inch of fat from the area being treated. And unlike cryotherapy or liposuction, Vanquish has even fat loss from the treated body part, whereas the other two treatments can leave you with uneven fat.

This service is offered at the Woodlands clinic. Please call them at 281-292-3030 to arrange for your free consultation. Be on your way to a new you. It worked for me!

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