Ozone Therapy

Tue, 05/03/2016 - 15:47 - ahashim

What is your opinion about  Ozone Therapy?


By ahashim on

For type of diseases it would work?

By sam (not verified) on

How effective this therapy and what are the indications?

By Troy D (not verified) on

I have seen some wonderful improvements in patient’s health in the 20 years that I have worked in natural

medicine. Chelation therapy is used for improving circulation in the body, as well as removing toxic metals.

It usually takes at least 30 treatments and should be followed by maintenance. That seems like a lot but you

must consider that the condition that it is being used for did not happen overnight (it took years).

Improved circulation could mean the difference between having stints or bypass surgery caused from cardio

vascular issues or having you lower extremity amputated because of diabetes or somthing as simple as being

able to play 18 holes of golf instead of suffering through 9

By Maria Tristan (not verified) on

Is Chelation Therapy good for Fibromyalgia? 

By Ciera (not verified) on

Chelation therapy is a treatment for heavy metal poisoning: iron, mercury, arsenic, and lead.

By Bobby Zayas MD (not verified) on

I am a physician myself, as well as a patient.  

I was diagnosed with Mercury toxicity several years ago.  The chelation therapy I have received at IMC/Z Med Clinics has helped me immensely in eliminating this poisonous heavy metal from my body. 

Mercury toxicity has been linked to increased stroke risk as well as a whole host of other medical problems. 

The staff at the IMC/Z Med Clinics are experienced in the use of chelation for a variety of different conditions, and I highly recommend them.

God bless and best of health and happiness to you all.

By Marcie (not verified) on

Is there any articles that anyone would be willing to share on chelation therapy. 

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