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Testosterone pellet implantation has been used for androgen replacement since 1940. Current implants are well standardized and release testosterone at a very consistent rate. Testosterone pellets are implanted under the skin of the lower abdomen wall or upper buttock. This Is performed by a physician as an outpatient office procedure under local anesthesia. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and is associated with minimal discomfort. Complications are rare and include extrusion of the pellet, bleeding, and infection. Slight, temporary discoloration of the skin may be normal. There may be minimal discomfort following the procedure.

The bioavailability of testosterone from the pellets is virtually complete. There is no first pass hepatic inactivation, no change in clotting factors and no swings in plasma testosterone levels as seen with injections and other forms of testosterone therapy. It is also suitable for patients who do not absorb the topical creams and gels and who do not like the frequent dosing and fluctuations of sublingual lozenges (troches). Often the implants are placed after a patient has been treated with another form of testosterone for several months and a PSA has remained stable. Some men may elect to be treated with pellets if their PSA is <1.5. Testosterone does not cause prostate cancer, but may stimulate an undiagnosed prostate cancer. Testosterone may also increase the production of red blood cells (which is a normal function of testosterone) and a blood count will be followed, If the blood count elevated above normal, you may donate blood. Testosterone, delivered by pellet implantation, may decrease sperm production and decrease testicular size.

The implanted pellets deliver testosterone for four to six months depending on the patient. The first-time pellets are implanted; testosterone and estrogen levels are checked to assess the absorption of testosterone and the conversion to estrogen. On average, testosterone pellets are implanted at 5-month intervals. Any time testosterone therapy is initiated; PSA levels are checked at 4-6 months, then every 6 months for 2 years, then annually if stable. What you need prior to having testosterone implants placed:

If there is any concern about prostate cancer, you may elect a 3-4month trial of treatment with a shorter acting testosterone preparation (gel, troche). If the PSA remains stable, pellets may be implanted after a negative prostate biopsy and clearance by the urologist.

Keflex of Doxycycline may be given prior to the procedure if you are diabetic or have had a joint replacement. One of two additional doses of antibiotics are given following the procedure.

You may drive yourself to and from the procedure.

You must notify the physician of any allergies or bleeding problems prior to the procedure including anti-coagulant (Coumadin, Plavix) or aspirin therapy.

You should notify your health care provider that you have the testosterone implants and need follow-up care, including an annual CBC (blood count). You may also need liver studies done if on statins or other drugs that affect the liver.

If PSA increases on testosterone therapy, you must see a urologist.

You should avoid vigorous physical activity for 5 days following the insertion of the pellets.

You should familiarize yourself with the information on ‘Prostate Protection’.

I have read and understand the above information. I understand the procedure, benefits, risks and alternatives to the Implantation of Testosterone Pellets’ and testosterone therapy. I agree to allow the Providers at Z Med Clinics’ locations to implant the testosterone pellets. I agree to all of the above mentioned information and will follow up.

I will notify my health care practitioner if there are any concerns I may have. I agree to hold Z Med Clinic’s providers, staff, officers, businesses, associates, and clinics harmless to any complications that may occur.

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