Food allergy and weight gain.

Food allergy and Weight gain

Thu, 02/23/2017 - 12:07 - ahashim

Consuming foods, you are allergic to can lead to weight gain. Some of the most common food allergies are wheat, yeast, eggs, and dairy products. Food allergy affects your weight in different ways. 

Eating foods, you are allergic to makes you feel tired and sick. These foods can cause various health concerns including headaches, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, high cholesterol, eating disorders, chronic colds, depression, diarrhea, anxiety, and high blood pressure. It can also cause your mood to fluctuate. When you are suffering from these problems, you don’t have the motivation or energy to do what’s needed to lose weight. 

-Slower Metabolism
Food reactions affect the metabolism and make it easy to put on excess weight. This is because foods that you’re allergic to slow down your metabolism as they affect the thyroid and prevent the body from absorbing nutrients including essential fatty acids, which help boost your metabolism. Blocking the absorption of essential fatty acids will slow down your metabolism and encourage the body to store fat. Food allergy can also make the thyroid malfunction, which can lead to weight gain. 

-Increased Production of Hormones that Encourage Weight Gain 
Food allergy can enhance the production of hormones that encourage weight gain. Some of these hormones include eicosanoids, insulin, and cortisol. Eicosanoids prevent adipose tissue from being burned, which eventually leads to weight gain. If the body produces less insulin, you’ll feel hungrier and crave for more food. Increased levels of cortisol can reduce a number of fat-burning enzymes produced by the body. Allergic foods can cause hypoglycemia, which increases your cravings for food and eventually cause you to put on excess weight.
So what is the best way to solve this problem? The answer is actually simple. You have to get tested for food allergies and stop consuming foods that trigger allergy symptoms. If you want to lose weight, this means that you need to determine the foods you are allergic to, get rid of such foods from your diet and take care of your health by preparing healthy and allergy-free food. 
Z Med Clinic offers a weight loss program that aims to help you stay healthy, to add more years to your life, and to help you feel your best at all times. The program includes a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine the main cause of weight gain or loss. This includes conducting allergy testing to conclude the best way to create a healthy and effective weight management program for you. 
Eating right and exercising are the keys to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy weight based on your height and age can also help prevent various diseases. Most of the time, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight depends on embracing healthy habits. Z Med Clinic includes the right exercise and diet plans and natural supplements that suit your body and help you achieve your desired weight and maintain it. A professional health care provider will be assigned to you to provide the motivation and support you need throughout your weight loss journey.  


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By Mark (not verified) on

I went once to imc and z med clinics and they were testing for food allergy i think it was IgG immunoglobluin in which a perosn can gain lot of weight if he or she has some allergy to some food items. So cool. 

By ahashim on

Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 281-292-3030.

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