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PRP is a safe and natural alternative to surgery to regrowth hair.
PRP is a safe and natural process utilized to restore damaged joints and soft tissue injuries
The potential benefits of PRP have led to a recent widespread interest in its use for anti-aging.


Platelets form the core of the body’s natural healing system. Every time the body faces trauma or injury, the platelets are triggered by a defense mechanism in order to start the natural healing process. Taking inspiration from this phenomenon, PRP or Platelets Rich Plasma therapy is an advanced way of intensifying the healing efforts of the body. This happens as blood, rich in platelets, attracts better critical assistance from the stem cells and initiates faster repair.

Z Med’s platelets rich plasma therapy in Houston takes the patient’s own blood plasma to target tissue degeneration and several conditions of the bone, skin and hair. The platelets rich blood is directly injected into the problem areas for instant action. In every case, we separate the platelets in your blood sample from the rest of the components. So, we get plasma that is loaded with these keys to healing. Depending on the particular area being treated, this plasma is then injected to set the natural repair and regeneration. Since it is the body’s own blood, the chances of infection or rejection are extremely diminished. Moreover, the process works towards enhancing the overall healing for a long term.

PRP has a higher success rate than other medical procedures and is much safer too. It hardly takes a couple of hours for the procedure to complete. It can restore damaged joints, heal soft tissue injuries, assists in hair regrowth and has extensive usage in anti-aging solutions. From facial rejuvenation to the treatment of skin problems like Rosacea and scarring, PRP at Z Med, promises lasting benefits.

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