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IV Ozone Therapy

IV Ozone therapy has shown numerous health benefits in the past as well as in the today’s world. The use of ozone is inevitable in the field of medicine. However, introduction of intravenous ozone therapy has helped to achieve the benefits of ozone therapy to its full extent. IV Ozone Therapy is the removal of a small sample of the patient’s blood, diluting it with saline, and enriching it with the addition of ozone.  The ozone is produced in an ozone generator from medical-grade oxygen gas, creating O3, which attaches to the red blood cells.  Virus, bacteria, parasites, and fungus cannot live in this highly oxygenated environment.

  • Inactivation of disease-causing microbes: There are various microbes that can cause different diseases. The major microbes which can cause diseases are bacteria, virus and fungi. The introduction of ozone helps to kill these microbes and secure our body from these harmful organisms, but the mechanism by which the ozone kills these microbes is different for each microbe. The bacterial growth is prevented by disrupting the cell wall of the bacteria. Ozone reacts with the constituents of the cell wall of the bacteria and lead to its destruction. On the other hand, viruses are attacked by ozone gas and this disrupts the reproduction cycle of the virus and also damages special structures called “capsid”. These two damages could not keep the virus alive. The cells of the fungi are attacked at different stages of its growth cycle. Hence, the fungi cannot become mature enough to cause diseases in human.
  • Another important mechanism by which ozone therapy produces an enormous amount of health benefits is by increasing the oxygen metabolism rate in our body. The ozone particles attach to the red blood cells at a higher speed than oxygen molecules do and also they increase the using up of glucose inside the red blood cells. This results in an increased amount of oxygen supply to the tissues. Further, the ozone particles activate different metabolic cycles and increase the production of ATP. ATP is the energy resource for our cells. Further, the reaction of ozone with different elements produces a huge amount of free radicals. Ozone itself stimulates the production of various enzymes in our body to neutralize these free radicals.

Further, the ozone particles activate our immune system by activating many immune cells in our body. This helps the body to form strong defense system against foreign particles and microbes. In addition, the extra oxygen in ozone makes this gas more accessible and readily available everywhere. The extra oxygen supply helps to decrease the pressure within the lungs and this helps our lungs to function more efficiently.

Furthermore, the use of ozone therapy enables us to receive seven important properties and these properties are

  • The anti-inflammatory property is achieved by preventing the production of molecules that cause inflammation.
  • Anti-allergic property of ozone is through the inhibition of molecules involved in the allergic pathway.
  • The antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial property is achieved by killing the microbes and also preventing the spread of these microbes.
  • Skin rejuvenating property– This is achieved by enhancing production of collagen & elastin, restoring the water balance, by increasing the skin turgor and also by reducing the severity of pigmented spots in the skin.
  • The antioxidant property is achieved by activating special enzymes in our body, which enables the neutralization of free radicals that accumulate in our body.
  • Lipolytic or fat dissolving property. This property of IV ozone therapy helps to undergo non-surgical liposuction.
  • Immunomodulatory property –This property of ozone therapy helps to control the function of immune system and which is the important reason for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic property.

Moreover, these properties of ozone therapy help to produce enormous amounts of health benefits. It can help in the following:

  1. Infections – The infections can be of acute infections as if influenza (flu), common cold, respiratory tract infections or of chronic infections as if Lyme disease, HIV, hepatitis C, herpes virus and so on.
  2. Chronic diseases as if diabetes and its complications, diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, kidney diseases, diseases of brain blood vessels and even hypertension (high blood pressure).
  3. Rheumatic diseases especially in rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Help people with diseases of the eye including problems associated with optic nerve and retina.
  5. Acne, cellulitis, rosacea and other special dermatological conditions.
  6. Lupus, psoriasis and other types of diseases due to the hyper function of immune system.
  7. Problems of the digestive tract including gastritis, ulcers and diseases of the large intestine.
  8. Viral infections (herpes).
  9. Infertility
  10. Special diseases that occur during pregnancy including toxicosis, anaemia and many other diseases.
  11. Detoxification therapy (Especially to decrease the chemical substances, and other unwanted substances from our body especially during diseases of liver or kidney).
  12. Prevention of withdrawal symptoms in recovery drug addicts and alcoholics.

Non-Intravenous Ozone Therapies:

  • Ozonated Oils for topical or oral use
  • Inhalation therapy for upper respiratory infections
  • Rectal insufflation for lower GI problems, or direct absorption through the colon
  • Bagging for open wounds in extremities

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