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Skin Tightening/Rejuvenation

Skin aging is one of the leading topics in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. Many people desire to reverse their age and get rid of the first signs of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines, and skin sagging are the main obstacles that are dealt with. Now, with modern technology, many aestheticians have been able to control skin aging using lasers and light therapy.

At Z Med Clinic we offer skin tightening services using laser therapy. At first, a consultation will be carried out, and the details about the skin changes and the information about your lifestyle factors will be collected. The skin will be tested before you are given the treatment plan. Every individual is unique, and therefore, treatment will also be customized according to individual needs. The number of laser treatments and the duration of therapy will depend on how extensive the skin sagging is.

  • We use two different lasers to treat skin tightening; LightPod aerolase lasers rejuvenate and tighten the skin in a unique and a non-invasive manner. These lasers stimulate collagen production and restoration of skin’s youthful appearance. While eliminating any signs of vasculature and spots, these help in fill in the wrinkles at the same time. Usually, it takes around six months to see visible results.
  • The second laser we use is Alma Harmony laser. It has a non-ablative approach and remodels the skin to rejuvenate the mature skin. It assures the transformation of skin to a smoother, younger and a healthier looking skin. The treatments are pain-free and are carried out with no downtime.

If you are worried about skin sagging and wrinkles, skin tightening treatments might be the exact solution that you are looking for. Please contact us to know more about these treatments and how they are performed at our Z Med Clinic.

For more information, please call us at (713) 541-6988 or at (281) 292-3030.

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