Z Med Clinic is now offering virtual healthcare delivery system, a recognized online personal web portal for an ease of access to physicians to patients’ medical records, follow-up on treatment and prescription request.
Our clinic highly emphasized that this is an incredibly useful tool when people experience sudden health issue. This is by far fast, safe and secure to use especially because we have our following services:
•    Virtual Consultations via video calls, chat, and emails
•    Book Appointments
•    Share, view or download medical records and prescriptions
•    Health Tracker which is known as a feature that monitors your progress for set health goals
•    Set Up Reminders
•    Share and Upload health information with any other contracts
•    Each patient has his or her unique personal portal
•    Insurance, billing and relevant information that can be shared with other staff members for efficiency and relevance

Why Do Telemedicine via VHDS?
With telemedicine via VHDS, our team of physicians will have an ease and convenience of access to patients’ information. This will save them time and money when traveling from one office to another. This also further prevents them from taking extra time off the work.

It is usually a known fact that telemedicine was practiced in military locations, rural areas and correctional facilities where physical contact between physician and patient was not possible. With VDHS, telemedicine is able to continue to provide to provide time saving and efficient services that allow doctors of treating their patients with more care and resources and care.
For patients who choose Z Med Clinic, they can be assured of quality care and convenience that come along with VHDS. As we take time to join and be a part of the online world, patients will indeed obtain the best and most valued services. This is because they have an access to their personal doctors.
Gone are those days that the U.S healthcare system has been a fragmented, complex, significant and costly variation in quality of care. Being a healthcare provider, our virtual integration system will mean of a better and more improved approach to addressing issues of cost and quality. 

This is now our newest approach to organizing healthcare that impacts patients, cost of care and quality of care. Our aim is to do better job of offering high-quality care. This high level of integration will yield a more efficient and better healthcare delivery system.

It is presumably expected that Z Med Clinic will provide more patient-centric and higher quality care at lower costs. 
Through our facilities that provide quality and good patient care, including virtual integration, people will get the exact care that they need. Only the best and user-friendly results are obtained for patients’ guaranteed satisfaction. 
Get the best value of your money by doing telemedicine with VHDS. An integrated care via VHDS helps improve the quality care and patient experience received.
For coordinated care, let our virtual integration give you the quality of care needed. Expect that with us, a more integrated healthcare delivery will most be promised to you!

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