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Vitamin C therapy is one of the most common forms of intravenous therapy, widely used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment.  This therapy is believed to help the body to heal faster, to lessen the pain of injuries, to improve the patient’s energy levels, and to improve the body’s resilience in recovering from viral and bacterial infections. This therapy can be also used to treat Fibromyalgia. Administration of vitamin C therapy in cancer patients has been observed to improve the patients’ response to other therapies.  With vitamin C therapy, cancer patients have much improved appetites and are more active.

Vitamin C is majorly known as a powerful antioxidant that helps in protecting our bodies from a number of diseases, boosting our immune function, and increasing resistance to disease-causing infections. However, Vitamin C is now becoming popular for an altogether new and important role, as an agent that can can kill cancer cells when intravenously (IV) infused in the body. We administer the infusion of the right amount of doses, which help in delivering the desired impact.

With our vitamin C IV therapy, we help you minimize the negative impact of the traditional chemotherapy techniques that are used in cancer treatment.

If recent studies are something to go by, vitamin C IV therapy has been found to be effective with the traditional treatment of several different types of cancer, such as breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, and colon cancer. By administering intravenous therapy in Houston, our qualified medical practitioners can help in significantly decreasing tumor size.

IV vitamin C is among the brightest solutions on the horizon when it comes to cancer. We can also administer this therapy in conjunction with traditional therapies. In fact, we have found synergistic effects when chemo and vitamin C was given on the same day.

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