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Testosterone is a chemical that the body naturally produces, and it’s particularly important for men. This hormone plays a vital role in a man’s body, such as building muscle and bone mass, stimulating sperm production, and managing the sex drive. However, testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. Because of this drop in the male hormone, men struggle with a lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, muscle loss, and mood changes, to name a few. To combat the effects of hormonal decline, a lot of men seek the help of testosterone therapy. 

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy is a method of treatment that helps people with low levels of the male hormone. Physicians usually prescribe testosterone medications for this process. This type of treatment provides a range of benefits in mature men, including:

  • A healthy sex drive
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Better muscle mass and bone density
  • Improved mood and concentration

However, there are some things to consider if you can benefit from this type of treatment. If you exhibit these signs, you may want to consider testosterone therapy:

Sign #1: A Diminished Sex Drive

The male hormone is crucial in maintaining a healthy sex drive. As men age and their hormonal levels begin to drop, they may notice that their desire to have sexual intercourse also diminishes. They can also experience problems getting and maintaining an erection.

Testosterone therapy can help revive a man’s lost sex drive and increase the volume of semen, but it’s not the sole treatment for erectile dysfunctions (ED). Although the male hormone helps produce the compounds needed to achieve an erection, other factors are at play with ED. Research is still ongoing regarding the effects of testosterone therapy on this condition.

Sign #2: Fatigue and Difficulty with Concentration

Lower levels of the male hormone often lead to extreme fatigue and a decrease in overall energy. Men with low T can also have a hard time concentrating, affecting many aspects of their lives. If you’re feeling tired all the time despite an adequate amount of sleep, you may benefit from testosterone therapy. You may experience improvements in these areas once your hormones are back to their normal levels.

Sign #3: Loss of Muscle and Bone Mass

When you were a teenager or a young adult, you may have found that it was much easier to bulk up and build muscle. This is because you had high amounts of testosterone at your prime, which helped you gain strong bones and a more muscular physique. However, older men often suffer from a loss of muscle and bone mass, leaving them susceptible to fractures and struggling to maintain their shape.

Sign #4: Unstable Mood

In men, low T levels can contribute to changes in mood. As you age and your hormone levels drop, you may experience sudden changes in your emotional state. Depression, irritability, and mood swings can affect your relationships, and testosterone therapy may be able to help you manage these problems.

The Risks

Although testosterone therapy provides a range of benefits in healthy men, the medications may have adverse side effects if you have specific health problems. For example, the FDA warns that some testosterone medications may increase stroke and heart attack risk. It’s best to consult with your physician before you undergo testosterone therapy.

Getting Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone levels drop naturally as men age. This decline comes with various problems such as diminished sex drive, fatigue, decreased muscle and bone mass, and unstable mood. Testosterone therapy can help deal with these hormone-related issues, but it also comes with certain risks. If you want to know if you’re a good candidate for this treatment, it’s best to contact your health specialist.

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