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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Learn if Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement is right for you.
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Weight Managment
Get Fit. Stay Healthy.
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Cosmetic Procedures
Looking your best means feeling your best.
• Mesotherapy
• Botox®
• Juvéderm®
• Sclerotherapy
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IV Infusion Therapy
It is gaining recognition for its benefits in optimizing health and tissue repair
• Ozone Therapy
• Chelation Therapy
• Nutritional IV Therapy
• Vitamin C


Z Med Clinic Houston

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Medical Weight Loss Programs

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About Us

About Us

Hormone Therapy

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At Z Med Clinic you will have the confidence of being treated by our highly trained and experienced doctors who are dedicated to providing you with the best healthcare available. We take pride in treating our patients with the personal care and attention that they deserve. Our team of dedicated professionals are trained to assist you with your medical needs in person and/or online via our Virtual Healthcare Delivery  System (VHDS). A convenient way to contact your doctors and access your medical reports when out of town.

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This was my first visit to Z Med Clinic. I loved the friendly and helpful staff. Thank you so much.

Suhaib Chaudhry

The atmosphere at Z Med Clinic was very warm and pleasant. I was in and out with little to no hassle. Will be returning and I've already recommended them to my friends and family.

Asad Hasan

Z Med Clinic is your trusted and State-of- the-art family healthcare clinic in Texas. With four centers spread across Texas - two in Houston and one each in Corpus Christi, and The Woodlands, we serve a large part of the state with our expert healthcare services. We have been serving the community with our world-class medical care and exceptional health support services for a long time, and we intend to continue doing the same, and even upgrade our medical care solutions in the time to come.

The long list of our specialized services includes weight managementcosmetic procedureslaser hair removal and skin rejuvenationbioidentical hormone therapyPRP servicesfamily healthcare servicesVanquish treatment (permanent fat reduction)immigration physical examination and vaccination, and IV infusion therapy among others. We have been founded on the principles of serving the humanity with the expertise we have got, and have been able to develop over the years. All of our healthcare professionals, and other staff members are qualified professionals who have educational specialty and years of experience behind them. We only employ medical professionals who work on similar principles as we do.

Visit us at any of our clinics to speak with our wonderful staff about any medical concerns you may have.

Also, we also boast of progressive and advanced medical equipment in each facility. Our healthcare plans are optimized to offer you convenience. With us, everything is transparent and well documented. You will be informed in advance about your current condition after preliminary tests and would be suggested possible treatment options with their cost, risks, and chances of success in a one-on- one discussion. For us, our patients are the most important people. And our goal is to assist them to recover, recuperate, and improve the condition they come to us with. We take every patient very seriously and ensure that we do our best to help them get back to normal condition without having to face too much trouble or spend too much money.

That is why our patrons consider us as one of the best healthcare clinics in Houston. Our medical care solutions are as cost-effective as they effective. Be it family medicine, cosmetic procedures, weight management, or anything else that you are looking for, our facility is the place to visit for dedicated and expert medical care. Before visiting any one of our five healthcare clinics in Texas for any medical assistance or service, you can make sure that the clinic is well-equipped to serve you through our website. You can also read what our satisfied customers are saying about us by clicking on testimonials. Contact us to know more about our clinics and the healthcare services that we offer.