Z Med Clinic is a well established medical practice with clinics in 4 different locations throughout Houston, Corpus Christi, TX. It is one of the foremost medical clinics in Texas, providing medical support and health relief for the greater community. Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy and happy, our patients have always come first and are always treated in a confidential, sensitive and comforting manner.

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Our mission  is to ensure that your health is in the best condition possible. We want our clinics to be a one stop clinic for a vast array of medical problems or cutting edge cosmetic procedures. Our commitment to you includes personalized treatment options, state of the art equipment and comprehensive health optimizing plans catered for each individual. We also offer immigration health checks and complete the paperwork for your immigration attorney with accuracy.

Z Med Clinic  has been established in providing a wide array of  services  in four various  locations  . In the treatment and diagnosis of illnesses, we also offer preventive case, routine check-ups, immunization, health-risk assessments and screening tests. Personalized and unique counseling including maintaining a healthy and good lifestyle is also our main goal for the benefit of the community as a whole.

In line with our mission to better serve and meet the unique health needs of people, we also aim for them to enjoy their life completely. We intend to take good care of them, of their loved ones. Using only the most advanced and latest technology to treat and diagnose medical conditions, our clinic can be trusted in regard with this matter.

We also carefully perform routine check-ups and  physical examinations . Our facility provides state-of-the art services, onsite lab and convenient extended-walk-in care hours. With our healthcare providers who are certified in family practice and with years of experience in the health and medical field, we can really be trusted as your main clinic.

We look forward to offering patients with the most excellent services at the different locations. We also aim of maintaining our care in the area. For patients who live in any of the areas, we encourage you further to  schedule your appointments .

The practice that has existed for years is still subjected to confidentiality. This is for the primary goal of keeping your family happy and healthy. Our patients will always be at our utmost priority and will be treated in a comforting, sensitive and confidential manner. Our team always makes an effort to be careful when talking to patients. If you feel that discussion and enquiry requires privacy, you only have to bring it to our attention. We will more than be happy to talk to you right away.

There is nevertheless a need to hesitate contacting us and visiting our medical clinic for your health is most significant to us. Giving you only the highest quality of care and dedication to doing business and caring for your family, rest assured that we can be trusted in regard with this matter.

Our healthcare providers are excellent health care professionals that provide for health care for patients, adults. Each medical clinic will offer the same-day appointment for convenience and ease. Patient forms will also be available for your ease and convenience.

When you need the help of a physician and health care expert in the areas of Texas, call us. Our healthcare providers will provide you with the medical attention needed. We will help you through our specialists that provide care for specific health issues. Come see the reasons why people have trusted us for their complete well-being and health care.

Call us and we are here for you and for your test results and requests for your peace of mind!

For questions regarding your first consultation, please contact us at the clinic closest to you. Information about your closest clinic can be found on the  contact us  page.

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