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Health and Wellness industry is a $14 billion market and it’s expected to increase by 14% annually in light of this fact opportunities in the sector only expected to increase. Due to the expected increase in revenue according to the same source by 2020 the market will be worth an estimated $36.3 billion. Take advantage of this rapidly growing segment of the healthcare industry with this industry-leading franchise opportunity which combines the benefits of our world class training and support programs allowing you to bring a cutting edge services to patients around the world. Health care services like appointment request, prescription refills, consultations, as well as integrated medical record keeping. Allowing patients the ability to consult with their doctor, order any laboratory services, and receive medical immunizations while providing direct access to electronic communications with external laboratories and pharmacies integrated alongside.

Z Medi Spa

Americans spent nearly $15 billion last year on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and do so exponentially more on health and wellness product programs. At the Z Medi Spa we have combined the two paralleled industries in to one. In an attempt to offer the latest most beneficial and cutting edge procedures and programs to our loyal patients. Owning your own Z Medi Spa will allow you to enter the med spa industry offer our proprietary weight management programs as well as minimally invasive cosmetic procedures such as Mesotherapy, Botox, Juvederm, SCLERO therapy. We also provide various wellness and preventative medicine programs for both men and women as well as various hormone replacement therapy options.

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