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Body reshaping and fat burning in a natural way

A quick and effective diet for fat reduction and weight loss.

Most people will have reduction of appetite and lose 1 – 2 pounds daily.


  • Loss of up to 2 pounds daily without exercise
  • Reduction of appetite
  • Long lasting effect
  • Have your metabolism reset
  • Have your body remolded and reshaped as you desire.

Adherence and commitment to this protocol can result in lasting and dramatic effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.  Many patients have successfully lost weight and improved their overall health significantly.

You need the following items to successfully complete this program:

  • Scale (Digital)
  • Kitchen Scale for weighing your food
  • Measuring Tape for body measurements
  • Water bottle – that aims at giving you the accurate water measurement required for the program which is half a gallon daily.

Please note that while on this protocol, it is important that you avoid consumption of non-organic products as many of these foods will contain fats and oils. The consumption of these hidden fats can significantly reduce the effects of the diet and alter your results. For maximum effect (losing 1 -2 lbs. daily), it is important to strictly adhere to the following diet protocol. This is how our clients have been successful.

 Body reshaping and fat burning solution in an all natural way

What the protocol does is to utilize the natural hormones in the body to help manage the fat stored within your body. It does this by accelerating the releaseof stored fats. Usually, only during starvation and pregnancy are thesestored fats released.

The hormone, HCG, is normally produced during pregnancy. The function of this hormone is to help keep provide adequate nutrition to the baby when the mother does not consume enough calories as a result of famine or other causes. What the HCG hormone does is to release the body’s stored fat and use it to provide necessary nutrition to the growing baby.

If a person adhering to a very low calorie diet is given HCG, the body will release stored fats in an effort to provide energy in the form of calories. It will also work on the hypothalamus so that rather than storing fat for long term usage; it will store it as normal fat that the body utilizes on a day to day basis. Additionally, most individuals on this protocol will experience a reduction in appetite due to the HCG releasing the stored fat into the blood stream.  It is similar to when a healthy and filling fatty meal is eaten.

If someone who is not pregnant takes the HCG, what happens is that the body will still release the stored fat in the body? As there is no fetus present in the body to utilize them, the body losses the fat through it’s natural elimination processes.

One advantage of this diet is the preservation of muscle while losing weight rapidly.  Muscle is often lost on other programs that result in rapid weight loss.  This hormone promotes the release and metabolism of excess fat for the release of energy, while sparing muscle.

Although it might help in facilitating and regulating conception and the menstruation in women, it will neither make a woman masculine nor make a man feminine. Its action is the same as if the sex glands are no longer active due to age or surgical removal.

There are usually no interactions between HCG and other medications taken, including birth control.  As always, it is advisable that one consults his/her doctor before embarking on any weight loss program.

HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone is what the HCG Diet Protocol utilizes. The homeopathic HCG is prepared in a safe and effective manner that will allow the body to utilize it effectively.

The protocol is divided into 3 phases

The HCG Diet Protocol is available as a 20-40 day protocol. Additional rounds of it can be done if needed.   The amount of days chosen should be based on the amount of weight you want to lose. Regardless of how many days you choose to be on the diet, the protocol should always involve the following 3 phases:

First phase

Excessive eating phase

The first two days of the protocol are spent in this phase.  During these first 2 days, you are to eat large quantities of high calorie, high fat foods. You can eat as much as you like during this 2 day period. You will also be using the HCG as instructed during this phase.

 Second Phase

Measured very low calorie (500) phase

This phase begins on the 3rd day and lasts until you finish the protocol. The duration depends on the number of days you will be on the diet.  It requires strict adherence to consuming no more than 500 calories comprised of the foods listed below.  In order to attain the best results, it is important that you consume only foods listed below. You will use the HCG daily during this phase until you run out of it.  For 3 days following your last dose of HCG, you must adhere to the 500 calorie restrictions.

Third Phase

Maintenance Phase

This is the last 3 weeks of the protocol and you are restricted to eating food that containsneither sugar nor starch.


The first two days of the protocol begins with the individual building up the starch and fat reserve in the body. Foods that are rich in fats, protein and starch are encouraged as much as possible. Quite a good number of those who are partaking in the HCG Diet Protocol have tried other means and have placed themselves on diets that will have resulted in a loss in the quantity of the fats that are stored within the body. The body should have these stored fats, especially the fat surrounding your body organs, prior to the commencement of the protocol.

Phase one begins in the first two days that the with the HCG into the body. This allows the HCG to already be present in your body prior to  the release of the excess fat stored in the body is needed. In these two days there should be excessive eating in order to increase the quantity of fat stored within the body. A visible attribute that will be noticed in this stage is gaining of body weight; the body weight gained is an indication fat reserve in the body is being built up by the body. It is important that the body gains weight during this period as the body will require it later in the course of the HCG Diet Protocol.

 During the second phase, the average weight loss will be one pound daily. There is the probability of losing more in the early stage and losing less in the later stage. It has also been observed that the weight loss in a man is slightly higher than that of a woman.

For the next 40 days or more, the protocol continues. After you have used all of the HCG injections, you are advised to still maintain the HCG diet for 3 days as there will still be some traces of the HCG in the body. If you should go back to the normal diet when the HCG is still within your body liberating the store fat, you will end up gaining a reasonable amount of weight. Once these 3 days are over, you can go back to the normal amount of calories you were taking.

For the next three to six weeks you should avoid taking any food that contains sugar orstarch.

 Key Points to Note

  1. During the protocol avoid all form of massage and facials. This will disturb the activitiestaking place within the tissues of the body
  2. Substances that are not organic and free from toxicity should not be applied on theskin. This includes eyebrow pencil, lipstick, powder, lotions, creams and moisturizers.
  3. Believe it or not, any toxic substance put on the skin can be absorbed by the skin anddisrupt the entire protocol.

Important notes for women

When menstruating, HCG is secreted into the body naturally, if you should take the HCG, you will be making the protocol benefits unrealized. The continuingweight loss and the lack of appetite might be lost as the body will become immune to theHCG.

During the period of menstruation, do not take the HCG when your flow is heavy, you can stilltake it when your flow is light. If you do not know when the flow is heavy flow and light flow, itwill be advisable that you do not use the HCG until your flow ends. Once the flow endsyou can resume taking the HCG again.

It will not be necessary to check your weight during the days of menstruation; it is possiblenot to notice any difference as a result of the flow. So, if you do check, do not be discouragedby the result. You should still maintain the HCG diet of 500 calories while you aremenstruating.

You are likely to experience some pangs of hunger during these days, this pang can beaddressed with green tea. This will only be experienced on the first day.

If you are pregnant or you want to become pregnant, then this program is not for you.

Irrespective of the fact that the natural HCG secreted in your body is supposed to help thebaby in the period of starvation. There is the risk of losing the baby if you maintain the 500calorie diet that the program stipulates in phase 2.


This phase is also known as loading phase. During this period, amount of calorie that is takeninto the body is high. This is to stock up the body for the future days of low calorie intake.This phase is the preparatory phase that sets the body for the fat release program.

During this loading phase, you may observe some weight gain. This weight is usually lost in less than 72 hours once the protocol emergences fully.  The loss of weight that will be experienced in the course of this program comes from the abnormal fat deposit within the body.

What you will be doing in phase 1.

  1. 2 days of overloading: At this point you and food should never be apart. Eat, eat andeat! If you can eat all through the day then do so.
  2. Taking of the HCG should begin: the dosage of the HCG should bespread out across the whole day; this will help to ensure that the body has HCG flowingregularly within the system
  3. Drink as much as half a gallon of water on a daily basis. You can take soda, wine, beeror any kind of drink during this phase.
  4. There should be no restriction to your diet during this phase. The aim of this phase isto fattening you up as much as possible. All the fat that have been lost have to be builtup again and structure back to the way they should be. For better results you have toeat well, the more you eat the better the result that will be attained. If you do not loadin as much food as you can during this phase you might experience some pangs ofhunger during the course of the protocol. The Loading phase is for you to gain weight;you do not have to be trouble about the weight gained as it will be lost before the end ofthe first week into the second phase.
  5. The kind of food you should eat should include those that are high in their fat content.This food can include cakes, cookies, dairy queen, custard, creams, chocolate andpastries. All you are saying to this food as you eat them is a temporary goodbye.
  6. You can pay a lot of attention to food that contains high content of calories. These caninclude creamy foods.
  7. The food specifically included in the HCG diet include milk, pastries,chocolate, sugar, cream, eggs and bacon, bread and butter together with jam,mayonnaise etc. We advise that you include either of these meals when you are on theprotocol.

Key points to note

  1. The probability of a man losing weight is greater than that of a woman.
  2. The loss of fat will occur at a rate of 2lbs/day when the protocol begins
  3. The body will reach a maximum point (plateau), at this point no weight loss might occurfor a number of days. What happens here is the body breaking down the old fat cellsand rearranges them. Do not fret, just wait patiently.
  4. The body will on its own determine when the body can safely lose fat without causingthe body system any hazard.
  5. Keep in mind that you are losing both pounds and inches; so do not get carried awaywith the loss of pounds only.
  6. If your target of losing between 10-50 pounds is met, continue the program butincrease your calorie to a range of 500 to 800 calories during the second phase.

Failure to do this will result to you feeling very hungry for the remaining part of thesecond phase. From there you can proceed to Phase 3 as that is where themetabolism of your body gets reset.


PHASE 2: The Phase of 500 Calories

Irrespective of the fact that what you will be consuming will be 500 calories, you will find thatyou will still be filled with so much energy and very little appetite for food. The success of theprotocol lies in your ability to follow the diet that is prescribed for you. The foods that are notincluded in the list should not get into your diet. If you make the mistake of adding somethingnot in this list the end result will be a failure of the program and disappointment in yourexpected weight loss target.

It will do you a great deal of good if you can keep a journal of the food you eat on a daily basis.Below is a table that shows the kind of food that you can eat during the second phase of theprotocol and the amount of calorie that each of the food contained in them.

The type of Fish that can be taken in the second phase and their respective quantity is listedbelow.

QuantityItem Avg. Calorie contained

4 oz. White fish 98

4 oz. Cod 83

4 oz. Bass 146

4 oz. Crab meat 100

4 oz. Flounder 90

4 oz. Haddock 88

4 oz. Halibut 110

4 oz. Lobster 98

4 oz. Pike 88

4 oz. Red snapper 110

4 oz. Shrimp 110

4 oz. Tilapia 94

4 oz. Scallops 112

4 oz. Swordfish 155


The type of vegetable that can be taken in the second phase and their respective quantity islisted below.


Quantity Item                 Avg. Calorie contained

4 oz. Asparagus                     20

2 tip Asparagus                       1

Small spear Asparagus          2

Medium spear Asparagus     3

Large spare Asparagus          4

4 oz. Beet greens                    27

4 oz. Cabbage                         24

1 cup shredded Cabbage       17

4 oz. Celery                              15

Medium stalk Celery              6

4 oz. Chard boiled                  20

4 oz. Chicory greens boiled  23

4 oz. Cucumber                      12

Small Cucumber                    19

Medium Cucumber               24

large Cucumber                      34

English long Cucumber        60

4 oz. Fennel Raw                    31

34 oz. Lettuce, all varieties   20

1 cup Lettuce, all varieties     8

Small head Lettuce, all varieties   32

4 oz. Onions,white ,yellow,red raw   42

4 oz. Red radishes                     12

One medium Red radishes        1

4 oz. Salad                                    15

4 oz. Spinach, raw                      20

1 cup Spinach, raw                      7

4 oz. Spinach, frozen                 23

1 cup Spinach, frozen                41

4 oz. Spinach, cooked                31

1 cup Spinach, cooked              48

4 oz. Tomato                              20

Cherry Tomato                           3

Plumb Tomato                          11

Small Tomato                           16

Medium Tomato                     22

Large Tomato                         33


The type of beef to be taken in the second phase

Quantity Item Avg. Calorie contained

4 oz. Very lean beef 152

4 oz. Eye of round 160

4 oz. Top sirloin steak 130

4 oz. Top round steak 166

4 oz. Bottom round steak 154


Type of chicken


Quantity Item Avg. Calorie contained

4 oz. No skin Chicken breast 87


Type of veal


Quantity Item Avg. Calorie contained

4 oz. Veal 114

4 oz. Sirloin 110

4 oz.Veal, loin chop 117


Types of fruit to be eaten within the second phase of the HCG diet protocol


Quantity Item Avg. Calorie contained

Small Apple 55

Medium Apple 72

Large Apple 110

Navel Orange 69



Large (12) Strawberries 72

Medium (20) Strawberries 80

CaliforniaGrapefruit 92

FloridaGrapefruit 74


Grains to be eaten in the second phase


Quantity Item Avg. Calorie contained

Grissini Bread 15

One Melba Toast 12


Seasonings to be taken include: thyme, basil, sea salt, white pepper, black pepper, marjoram,vinegar and herbs.


The seasoning should not include butter, oil and dressing.


PHASE TWO: the phase of 500 calories.

The phase two of the HCG Diet Protocol last for 38 days. This phase requires that the HCG alongside with a diet that is 500 calories. A typical meal will be aprotein of 4 oz., fruits, vegetables and a little quantity of grain. The HCG must be takenaccording to the specification directed in the protocol.

The HCG when taken with a low calorie will help the body to release all the fat that is storedwithin the body for a long time. The size of calorie that will be found in the blood stream as aresult of this release will be as much as 1500 to 4000 calories on a daily basis. With therelease of the calories from the body, despite the 500 calories that is taken in, the body willhave adequate nutrition and energy for the entire period of the HCG diet protocol.

Once the phase two is complete, you will cease to use the HCG; for the next three daysafter you have ceased the use of the HCG you will still maintain the diet plan of 500calories.

 An example of the meal that should be maintained in the course of Phase 2

First weigh yourself when you wake up in the morning immediately after you have emptiedyour bladder. You should not wear anything when you are weighing yourself.

When picking your meal, you should include 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 1 grain and 1 protein fordinner and lunch. Meals should not be repeated in a day. What is taken for lunch should notbe taken again of dinner.

For drink, you should consider green tea, black coffee, chamomile tea and water.


Coffee or tea can be taken provided there is no sugar in it. In a day you can only take onetablespoon of milk. You can also consider Stevia or Xylitol as a sweetener.


For lunch you can take 1 fruit, 1 vegetable, 1 grain and 1 protein for dinner and lunch.


Apple, strawberries, orange or grapefruit will do.


You can pick from the options that are listed below: Chard, asparagus, green lettuce, fennel,tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus, red radishes, celery, beet greens, or chicory.

You do not need to make salad as you are allowed only to take just one vegetable for eachmeal.

The vegetables you should take should not include sugar, starch or heavy vegetables (beetroot, carrots, corn, peas or pumpkin).


Toast (one Melba), Grissini (One).


You can take 4 oz. of any of the following

  1. Chicken
  2. Fresh fish
  3. Boiled egg

You must ensure that the meat is weighed and all trace of fat be removed from it totally.

The boiling of the meat should be done without any fat added to it.


You can use the same meal as you use for dinner. All that matters is that you do not havethe same meal twice in a day.

 Key points to note

  1. You can take bread stick between meals rather than take them with dinner or alongwith lunch. You should allow a maximum of four items only from those that have beenlisted for lunch.
  2. You should not take two apples, even if the weight of both of them is equivalent to thatof one large one. There is no restriction to the size of apple you can take; but youshould not forget that a tangerine is not equivalent to an orange; neither does thechicken breast refer to any other breast of a fowl. A chicken breast is not a drumstickneither can it be substituted by a wing.
  3. You can break a meal into two, there is no harm done in that. You can take apple andbreadstick for breakfast and take orange before you go to sleep. As long as theseitems are subtracted from the meal that is taken that day.
  4. You should include in your lunch and dinner protein, vegetable fruit and grain.

Whatever has been included in the lunch should not find its way into dinner. Under nocondition must you repeat a meal in the same day.


  1. Make an entry in your note of what you weigh each morning after using the restroom
  2. Note in your diary (food), the meals that were taken each day. This will help todetermine the amount of calories you are taking daily. With this you can track wherethere is a mistake in case the protocol does not bring forth the desired result.
  3. Ensure that the water that you are taking measures up to ½ a gallon daily. This can beachieved by having a water bottle that can take ½ a gallon of water. With this you candetermine if you have been able to consume ½ gallon of water daily.
  4. Do not exceed 1 tablespoon of milk on a daily basis.
  5. Ensure that all that is prescribe for you are consumed. No skipping of meals and allthe meals must have fruit, vegetables and protein. No exception!
  6. Take the last meal of the day at least 3 hours before you go to bed.
  7. Lemon can be taken as it is not considered to be among the calories counted.
  8. Do not engage yourself in strenuous exercises, stick to simply ones such as swimming,walking, bicycling and yoga.
  9. Do not use any form of oil (olive oil inclusive). Food and cosmetic should not contain oil.
  10. Anytime you take a whole egg, you must have to balance it with 3 white eggs.
  11. When you have constipation and you are on the HCG diet protocol, you shoulduse only the safe laxatives such as Swiss Kriss, Aloe juice, Aloe Lax Nature’s way or Benefiber.
  12. Sleep well in the night. Have at least 7- 8 hours sleep. You can go to sleep by 10 pm.
  13. The total calorie of each meal to be taken should be 250.
  14. Do not repeat proteins taken for lunch during dinner.
  15. The drinks that you should stick to should be lemon juice, green tea, chamomiletea, yerba mate tea, mineral tea. There is no limit to the quantity of this tea that youcan take.
  16. The bread sticks that you should take should not exceed two. You are allowed totake them between meals. Never eat both the bread stick at once during a meal.
  17. Fruit should be taken twice a day, never take both fruits at a meal. Should youchoose to make a substitute of bread for fruit, then you must deduct the equivalentcalorie from your meal. Note that you also cannot eat two fruits of the same kind in aday. If you take apple during breakfast, apple must not be taken again that day.
  18. If you want to take fruits you must ensure that the space between your takingsof two fruits is 6 hours apart.
  19. When purchasing food, always check the label to ensure that sucrose, glucoseand starch are not therein.
  20. You can use thyme, sweet basil, sea salt, vinegar and pepper as seasoning.
  21. Ensure that you avoid cosmetics for these periods. Lipsticks, facial powder andeyebrow should be avoided for the entire protocol period.
  22. If you want to achieve the desired results, then there should not be any form ofcream, or moisture that is not organic coming in contact with your skin.
  23. Keep in mind that these periods is not the best time for you take supplements asduring phase 2 the body is recycling the vitamins in your body and do not need anyaugment to the vitamins in the body. You can take the supplements when phase 3begins.
  24. It is okay if you take enzymes that will aid with the digestion of the food you take.They will help your food to be absorbs quickly and easily.
  25. You can take raw vegetables or boil them gently. Do not mix vegetables; but never try to eat salad.

Phase three: the phase of maintenance

Having completed the first two phases you will cease to take the HCG. You will stillcontinue with the 500 calorie diet for the next three days. You have now gotten to the thirdand final phase of the HCG Diet Protocol weight loss. This phase will span for a period ofthree to six weeks (The longer the better). During this week you can eat as much as you likeprovided there is no sugar and starch included. You do not have to limit yourself to a 500calorie diet any more. Bare in mind that it will be hard to eat much more than 500 calories aday for a while.

The essence of this phase is to enable your body to establish a new metabolism. The weightloss that is attained at the end of the second phase will have to be maintained. This is to helpyou from gaining weight immediately after you cease to take the HCG and the 500calorie diet.

In phase two, all the excess fat that is accumulated within your body is lost, thereby giving youa new shape. The phase three is all about helping your body maintain this shape. Gone arethe days where you lose weight today and gain it back in the next few weeks. The phasethree ensures that the result is long lasting.

Once you enter into this phase you are allowed to eat anything that you feel like without youhaving to check the level of calorie in it. You can eat any type of protein, vegetable, nuts,fruits, seed and oil. In phase three you are encourage to take more protein.

In this phase you still have a little restriction. All variety of starch and sugar should beavoided for the three weeks that the phase will last. This include that you should avoid barley,wheat, bread, rice, cookies, grains, muffins and potatoes.

You should still continue to continually check your weight every morning. You should not gainmore than 2 pounds in the course of the phase three, irrespective of your new diet, providedyou follow the protocol to details. If you discover that you have gained more than 2 pounds,you will have to have a steak day in which you eat nothing all day, then have a large steakfor dinner. A weight gain that exceeds 2 pounds will affect your body metabolism from beingable to maintain the new shape and weight.

Key points to note in phase 3.

If you should gain more than 2 pounds you will be required to have a steak day.

Avoid being too excited. It is exciting when you discover that you can eat as much as you likewithout gaining weight again. In the course of this you should not get carried away and beginto consume sugar and starch which you ought to avoid for the next three weeks at least.

It is advisable that you make minor changes in your diet. The changes should not come sosudden. You can introduce them gradually within the three weeks. Start by maintaining the500 calories, from there you can extend to the inclusion of egg, glass of milk and chesses.

Do not be scared when you add two pounds in the course of phase three. Do not skip meals;the success of this phase depends on you eating normally after the HCG dieting has beenconcluded.

Do not continue a low diet as this will increase the probability of you having some weight losscoming back.


This is optional. It applies only if you have gained more than 2 pounds in the course of phasethree. On the last day of phase two, weigh yourself, if what you weigh in phase three is 2pounds more than what you weighed in the last two days of phase two, you should proceed tothe steak day.

Procedures for steak day

  1. Skip breakfast and lunch completely but drink a lot of water
  2. For dinner take a big plate of steak accompanied only with raw tomatoes and apple.
  3. The only time to check your weight is in the morning after your bowels have beenemptied. Never check in the middle of the day as the result can be fluctuating and thusconfusing.
  4. You must go without breakfast and lunch on the day you observe the increase inweight.
  5. The steak day should not be postponed. If it is done immediately the next day there willbe a reduction of your weight by 1 pound. Should you wait to have it later in the future then youmight have a need for strict dieting to have it corrected.
  6. What is meant by steak day is that you eat only dinner but have the entire day taking asmuch water, tea and coffee as you can contain.
  7. It does not matter how big the steak is; and you can cook the steak with oil, butter andapple if you so wish. The important thing is that you abstain from meal throughout the dayuntil dinner.

The plateau

Maintain one pound ina day for 4-6 days, then it is known as a plateau. Plateau normally takes place when a fullcycle has gone half way. Plateau will occur either earlier r or later in those who are reducingin weight more than average. This will correct itself however; there are some people who areworried when they are experiencing plateau.Plateau is not indication that you are not going on well with the protocol.

Due to some reasons that are totally psychological, we allow that the plateau should becorrected. But to correct this you can take 6 apples beginning from lunch time. This is calledan apple-day which ends prior to the lunch time of the next day. You should not exceed sixapples. No other food should be eaten except the 6 apples. You should not drink waterunless you need to quench a serious thirst urge. Majority of the people do not drink water.

They are content with the six apples. The apple day will help you to lose weight owing to theexcretion of water which you have not gotten back as you go back to the normal 500 caloriethat you are maintaining earlier on during lunch. During the subsequent days you will belosing weight successfully.

What happens if I take a break?

If the program is going to be disrupted due to certainexigencies of life and the disruption will last up 4 days, then the patients should elevate thecalorie intake to 800 calories by including such foods as cheese, milk, meat and even eggs.This will be done in the fourth day of the program. If it is not done the patient will becomeexcessively hungry as well weak such that the person will not be able to attend his normalwork.

The patient can continue with homeopathic HCG drops as well as the 500 calorie dietstraight away if the interval is not up two weeks. It is advisable for the patient to break up the HCG into 3 days prior to your journey if you have already known that you willbe travelling. This will enable you to observe the 3 days important dieting following the last HCG. This makes it possible for the patient to travel without arranging the500 calorie diet in the course of his travel which is impossible. He will also be free fromkeeping the dietary plan while on transit.

It is not good for the program to be interrupted before the 20th day while on HCG. This is it is likely for the patient to re-acquire weight.

It is always advisable that you plan the program to fit into your schedule of time when you willbe able to meet all the criteria that are expected of you. If the diet is broken for a period lessthan two weeks, you can resume back to the initial 500 calorie diet and the HCG diet.

If you will be away for more than 4 days then you should round up the phase two and proceedto the 3 days of strict dieting, so that you can be free to eat whatever you want to eat again.

If the days you will not be able to take the HCG drops are within the last four of the phase two,you can increase the calories intake to 800.

If you are going to conclude before the prescribed time, you should plan ahead so that you willhave the three days that you are not expected to take HCG you require before themaintenance phase (phase 3).

Further needs for the program

If the amount of weight loss is greater than 34 lbs, then you will require more than onesession. Before you begin the new protocol session ensure that there is at least a minimumof six weeks between the new date and the end of the phase two. You may repeat this asneeded for additional weight loss.

With this you can loss as much as 100lbs. or more Keep in mind that men lose weight fasterthan women.

Generally speaking men are more successful than women and can achieve the average dailyweight loss.

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