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Laser Hair Removal in Houston, The Woodlands, and Corpus Christi TX

Laser Hair Removal

  • Many women have unwanted hair in their bodies that need to be removed. While many try out shaving, chemicals, and waxing, this has become a frequent practice to stay away from unwanted hair. Anyhow, following such a temporary method of hair removal might exhaust you in the long run, and if you are a busy person, it could be a waste of time as well. That is why Z Med Clinic introduces Laser hair removal treatments in Houston that will promise you to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.
  • At our clinic, we use two types of lasers; Alma harmony and LightPod Aerolase®. Both of these lasers are known as the most effective in removing hair, and also, they are performed in several sessions.
  • LightPod Aerolase® is the safest and most skin friendliest aesthetic laser available in practice. With its unique 650-microsecond laser technology, it can deliver energy to the skin 30-50 times faster than the other lasers. This allows the individuals to receive pain-free treatment without the necessity of using any messy cooling gels or anesthetics. Once the beam of light touches the skin, it will start its performance of treating the hair follicles.  It is FDA cleared, and we assure you an effective treatment after completing all sessions.
  • On the other hand, the Alma laser hair removal method in Houston uses groundbreaking technology to offer a simple, one-stop solution for long-term hair removal. Its gradual heating technique damages the hair follicles and avoids any injury to the surrounding skin. Alma laser also carries the sweeping In-motion delivery technique to cover a wide area of skin.
  • As these lasers are a manifestation of modern technology, they can deliver a high level of versatility, efficacy, and value to clinicians so they may deliver the highest levels of comfort, safety, and satisfaction to their clients.
  • We employ these lasers to offer our customers the highest standards in treatment comfort, safety, and efficacy. There is no need to worry about spending the weekend shaving or waxing the skin. With 3-4 sessions of laser treatments, now you are able to get rid of unwanted hair forever. Contact us for more information. We are here to assist you anytime!

Laser Hair Removal Houston, Corpus Christi, and the Woodlands – Need information about the laser hair removal or you are ready to schedule a consultation?

Call us at (713) 541-6988 or at (281) 292-3030 for more information.

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