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What is Meyer’s Cocktail?


This is an IV therapy that is nutrient-based and is used to fill the body with nutrients including vitamins and minerals among others. It is primarily used as an energy booster, which allows the safe passage of a high dose of nutrients directly to the patient’s bloodstream, making it easier to be absorbed.

IV nutrition therapy (vitamin infusion/vitamin injections/micronutrient therapy) is a procedure whereby high doses of natural vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids are administered directly into the bloodstream by one of two methods: an intravenous drip or by an IV push.

Among the various methods of nutrient and compound administration other than oral administration, intravenous IV infusion ranks highest by several measures. IV administration is considered as a first line intervention for its comparatively lower contraindications and direct access to place nutrients and compounds at measured doses into the blood, without limitation or delayed absorption through the digestive system or from injected body tissues. Intravenous infusion bypasses the gastrointestinal system, thereby increasing the absorption of the compounds. This also carries the advantage of avoiding any interactions of gastrointestinal enzymes that routinely occurs when the compounds are administered orally. Also, IV infusions allow for the administration of nutrients and compounds in higher concentrations that are possible through an enteral route.

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