Getting into a weight loss program is not as tough as it used to be. When you have a healthcare provider at your fingertips, you have an added measure of assurance in your weight-loss effort. This is not a fairytale; this is exactly what Z Med Clinics and Z Medi Spa offers through our online video visits (Telemedicine) services. Z Med Clinics and Z Medi Spa has expanded the accessibility of its online video visits (Telemedicine) services with changes in technology and regulation.

You Can Now Conduct An Office Visit From Your Home Or Workplace  

Our healthcare providers and support staff will collect all the necessary information through a live video chat and advice you about your treatment options. Our weight-loss programs usually include lab tests that should be done every six months. For online video visits (Telemedicine) appointments, the ordered tests are specified online, and you may have the tests done at any lab you choose. You still have the choice to have the medication prescriptions and supplements directly sent to the pharmacy.

If you are struggling with the lifestyle changes or experiencing health issues in your effort to lose weight, now you can follow up without physically coming to the clinic.

You can arrange online video visits (Telemedicine) appointment to meet with your healthcare provider and get further advice. Driving in traffic, waiting in line, and arranging your work and personal schedule to accommodate in-office visits are all things of the past. Call us today to learn more how you can use Z Med Clinics and Z Medi Spa’s online video visits (Telemedicine) services to further your weight-loss goals.

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