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Z Med Clinic

Chemical Peels in Houston, TX

Z Med Clinic is now offering one of the most effective medical peels in aesthetic skin care. Neostrata Chemical peels are recommended by many dermatologists and skin care specialists due to its proven results. These are superficial to medium depth peels and are used to provide a healthy and a younger looking skin.

With Neostrata Chemical peels you can reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that appear as you age. These peels are equally effective on your skins even if does not show any signs of aging. It can improve the smoothness, hydration, suppleness and the skin tone in any type of skin.

Do Chemical Peels Work to Clear Acne Scars?

Many skin care specialists use Neostrata Chemical peels to treat acne and blemishes. It has the ability to balance the oil secretion and remove hyperpigmented patches and scars that resulted from acne. Higher strengths of Neostrata Chemical peels can reduce the appearance of new acne lesions as well. While these peels can be used on face, neck, chest, and hands, it has the ability to treat a wider range of your body.

If you are afraid to try medical peels just because you have tan skin, then this is good news for you! Neostrata Chemical peels can be used by any skin color.

Z Med Clinics offer Neostrata Chemical peels of different strengths. As these peels are made up of Glycolic acid, we use the lower concentrations to treat minor skin problems and the higher concentrations for serious skin problems. As this is a procedure removing the surface layer of the skin, it is necessary to be carried out by a professional. In Z Med Clinics, it is done by our aesthetic medicine specialist who has many years of experience.

These peels are quick, easy and painless! It could be the ultimate solution which you are looking for.

Chemical Peels Houston – Need information about types of chemical peels or you are ready to schedule a consultation?

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