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Hormone pellets is a type of hormone replacement therapy that has a high acceptance among the individuals who would like to battle the aging process, yet, find it difficult to adhere to daily medicine intake.

Hormone Pellet Therapy in Houston is a treatment that replaces sexual hormones in aging men and women. These pellets are inserted subcutaneously and once placed, they continue to release estrogen or progesterone in case of females, and testosterone in case of males to overcome any hormonal imbalance in both men and women.

Indications of hormone pellets

In males, testosterone hormone pellets are used to treat aging related hormonal decline.

In our clinic, we offer hormonal replacement treatment for those men, who experience changes in their health due to low levels of sex hormones. The most common complaints of these men are fatigue, decrease in libido, erection disturbance, loss of hair, increase in the fat level and decrease in the muscle mass, energy loss, depression, and irritability.

In case of females, hormone pellets are used mainly to relieve premenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms like dryness in vagina, osteoporosis, hot flashes, night sweating, insomnia, hair thinning, depression, and anxiety.

Hormonal pellets are bio-identical and they contain hormones which are more similar to the hormones in your body, and as you approach towards nature, you are safer, so the percentage of occurrence of these adverse effects decrease in the case of using bioidentical hormones that are FDA approved.

Natural bio-identical hormones

There are different types and, forms of hormonal replacement therapy, A lot of types that are present in the market are synthetic which can cause severe side effects in the long run. In Z Med clinic we use natural bio-identical hormones that are very safe, as it is very similar to the naturally secreted hormones in your body so you don’t have to be worried about the adverse effects of the hormone replacement therapy in Houston.

Estrogen and, progesterone (Natural bio-identical hormone)

Estrogen is the hormone which is responsible for the feminizing effects in your body. There are two forms of estrogen in your body; Estriol and, Estradiol. These two forms are the only safe forms of estrogen that can be used as hormonal replacement therapy.

In Z Med clinic we use Estriol and, Estradiol as an estrogen replacement therapy, and we also use natural progesterone to ease the menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, night swears, fatigue, mood swings, slow metabolism, poor energy, weight gain, inability to focus and, other symptoms associated with the menopause.

Testosterone (Natural bio-identical hormone)

In Z Med clinic we use natural testosterone replacement therapy in Houston, in order to treat any dysfunction that occurred as a result of the decline of testosterone level by aging, you will not suffer anymore from erectile dysfunction and, diminished libido. Also, you will notice a general improvement in your physical activities after receiving HRT.

Once you start treatment in our clinic, we perform a general assessment and create a treatment plan under the supervision of our expert physicians to help you to reach the best results that you desire.

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