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Maintaining a healthy weight for your body can help prevent the onset of other medical conditions. It is one of the most important things to maintain in order to live a healthy life. That is why our doctors and nurses are committed to helping you achieve and keep the right weight for you.

Each person will gain and lose weight as a result of many factors including genes, metabolism, age, diet, exercise etc. Each situation is unique so our weight management program is catered to your lifestyle. We will sit with you to assess the best ways for you to manage your weight.

Our weight loss program includes:

A comprehensive medical evaluation to pin the underlying causes of weight gain and loss. Natural supplements, the right diet and exercise plans according to your body and most importantly, our support and motivation as your professional health care provider.

Our doctors will conduct hormone testing along with an evaluation of your medical history and a physical examination to determine whether there is an imbalance of hormones present and treatment will be given accordingly.

Weight and your health:

Obesity is second on the list of preventable causes of death. It increases the risk of getting heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, liver disease, cancer, arthritis and infertility. Do you know if you’re overweight? Medical professionals use the BMI (Body Mass Index) system to determine whether or not you are overweight according to your height. Our weight management program will successfully keep you within the normal BMI if found to be overweight.

Z Med Clinic believes there are 5 leading causes of obesity. They include:

1. Excessive carbohydrate intake. Minimizing this aspect of your dietary intake will significantly help you lose those extra pounds. Without the carbohydrates to be used as fuel, your body will start to burn the extra fat.

 Check the following links which offer more information specific to their “low -carb” program. Many websites offer meal plans, food lists, recipes, and mobile apps often for free, check them out :

Zone Diet


Protein Power

South Beach Diet

Sugar Busters

Carb Counter

2. Hormone imbalance can affect the way your metabolism works and this may cause your body to gain weight fast. The most common hormones to cause weight gain are:

  • Thyroid hormones
  • Progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • DHEA
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Cortisol

3. Food allergies. Consuming foods that don’t suit your body can lead to weight gain as well. Most common food allergies are yeast, dairy products, wheat, and eggs. Allergy testing will be conducted to properly conclude the best way to ensure a healthy and successful weight management program for you.

4. Side effects of medication. You may not realize that some of the current medication you are on can cause weight gain. Some anti-depressants, synthetic hormones, thyroid medications, intrauterine devices to name a few can be the reason for the extra weight gain. If it is, our doctors will find alternative medications for proper weight management after a proper evaluation is made.

5. Stress or depression. Some patients can eat a lot more as a subconscious method of dealing with emotional stress and depression. Natural treatments and guidelines are available for the treatment of underlying emotional conditions which will not only help you from excess eating but will make you feel better as a person overall.

Our weight management program aims to keep you healthy, live longer and feel your best at any age.

Come in for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning.

Learn more about our HCG diet program.

Learn more about B12 injections.

Learn more about Lipo Injections and weight loss. 

The key to leading a healthy life is to eat right and get the right amount of exercise. Also, a healthy weight according to an individual’s age and height helps to keep many of the lifestyle ailments at bay. Most often, reaching and maintaining that healthy weight is just dependent on adopting simple healthy habits. Consulting the experts at weight loss clinics in Houston ensures that you are able to do so.

We, at Z Med, strive to guide you towards regulating your body weight and bringing it down to what it should be. As a responsible weight loss clinic in Woodlands, Texas and around Houston, Z Med follows a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s general health, lifestyle and medical history to formulate the most effective weight loss plan.

Call us at (281) 955-0000 for more information and scheduling.

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