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The Z-Pack Weight Loss Bundle includes:

  • Consultation x3 month (Patient must come once a month to view progress)
  • EKG ( If needed)
  • Medication- appetite suppressant, and Diet program.
  • 15 Lipo-B injections
  • Arbonne protein shake
  • HCG information folder
  • Laser- face skin tightening x 3 sessions
  • Labs
    • CBC
    • CMP
    • Lipid Panel
    • Thyroid Panel

The bundle price is $1500.00, Save $390.00 today.

Skin tightening with Aerolase Laser

The LightPod Neo offers a uniquely noninvasive skin tightening/rejuvenation treatment to stimulate healthy collagen and restore your skin’s youthful appearance. This process will help firm healthy skin, get rid of any vasculature and spots as well as help fill in wrinkles without any patient downtime. Only a beam of laser light touches the skin for the most pleasant treatment available. Typically, several treatments spaced out over a 6-month period deliver remarkable results. Click here to learn more.

Individualised weight loss program

A comprehensive medical evaluation to pin the underlying causes of weight gain and loss. Natural supplements, the right diet and exercise plans according to your body and most importantly, our support and motivation as your professional health care provider. Click here to learn more

Arbonne Protein Shake

These delicious plant-based protein shakes contain 20 grams of plant protein, vitamins, minerals, flax seed,and a unique botanical blend for targeted benefits. It’s enough protein to help you feel satisfied and a broad spectrum of amino acids to support muscles.

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