What You Should Do to Care for Your Skin After a Chemical Peel

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One of the most effective treatments in terms of getting your skin to bounce back into shape is a chemical peel. This applies whether you are looking to address breakouts, hyperpigmentation, get fine lines fixed, or an entire slew of other troubles related to your skin. However, getting chemical peels in Houston is just the beginning. 

During the process of healing from the treatment, it is key to continue taking care of your face. Not only will it aid in the overall return of your skin to a good state, but you’ll also be able to fully maximise all the benefits you would get from the chemical peel.

Here are some of the main things you should do in order to love your skin best after getting a chemical peel:

Avoid Sunlight and Seek SPF

After a chemical peel, it is extremely important to limit your exposure to the sun and keep your skin carefully coated in SPF. Post-peel skin will be at the most sensitive point, since your face essentially underwent the removal of several layers. This means that the skin underneath, which is now the main surface, will have extra vulnerability in terms of sun rays. 

Post-peel is the most important time to shield your skin from the sun. If for whatever reason you are unable to keep yourself in the shade as you go about your day, the best way to make up for it is to use sunscreen with no less than 30+ SPF. This way, whatever amount of hazardous UV rays which can compromise your skin you encounter will be faced with a shield.

For best results, use it for a month and a half (roughly 6 or so weeks) after you get your peel. It is actually good to incorporate sunscreen use into your daily routine even afterwards, too!

Choose Soap-Free Cleansers

Since your skin is so sensitive after a chemical peel, keep it away from soap. A facial wash that is free from soap is fully safe to use for sensitive skin, and will not be too drying. While soap can tighten skin, it also makes it dry, since natural oils are stripped because of it. Your skin, post-peel, has already had enough stripping to last for some time.

Use Cool Water

The sensitivity of your skin also comes with a high possibility of feeling quite tender. This means that hot water will bring discomfort to your new skin and, worse, could even cause inflammation. Aside from being more gentle, washing your face with cool water is also quite soothing. This is a great alternative for your skin as it heals, especially since a simple pat dry (as opposed to rubbing) will dry it off nicely.


Getting a chemical peel can be rewarding, but post-peel care is important. Getting it done by a professional you trust at a Houston med clinic means that you will be able to receive care guidelines as well. It is key to have the support of your medical team as you heal, but it’s equally important for you to take the right steps for yourself.

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