A Guide to the hCG Diet: How It Helps You Lose Weight

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For most people, it can be tough to shed excess weight, especially if you’re overweight for your height and age. Without the proper diet and exercise, you can expect to carry various health issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and some types of cancer.

On the other hand, making an effort to work out regularly and eat clean may not be enough for some people who continue to become at risk for experiencing problems with their health. That’s why some doctors suggest overweight individuals undergo a program that uses human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) injections together with a low-calorie diet to provide the desired results. 

Getting an hCG shot and incorporating the appropriate diet allows a person to build their metabolism, eventually helping you eliminate excess weight. If you want to know more information about how hCG diets work, keep reading below.

What is an hCG Diet? 

An hCG diet consists of a strict regime allowing you to consume about five hundred calories each day alongside taking hormone injections as recommended by a weight loss doctor. While you’re practicing such a low-calorie diet, you can expect your body to go through changes and start shedding off excess energy found in your fat cells. 

As a result, you start to feel hungrier, which leads to muscle loss and the eventual slowing down of your metabolism. Thanks to the hCG shots you’re willing to take, you don’t have to suffer through the effects of the diet because you are welcoming hormones into your body.

It’s a given fact that people of all genders accumulate low levels of hCG regularly. But with the help of the pregnancy hormone, a natural hormone that appears in extremely high levels during the next three months that a woman becomes pregnant, it can change your situation completely.

The hormone is injected into you during your hCG diet to modify your metabolism and increase your chances of losing weight much faster than relying on diet and exercise alone. Besides that, hCG injections may retain your muscles because the introduced hormones help to maintain the muscle-building capabilities of your body.

Things to Look For With an hCG Diet 

An hCG diet doctor is the right professional to approach when it comes to becoming familiar with the process of the hCG program. Since it deals with low-calorie consumption and hormone injections, a professional needs to assure you of your safety at all times. 

If you’re serious about undergoing an hCG diet, you will first have to consult with a weight loss doctor to determine the current state of your health and whether you’re a good candidate for the treatment. You will then receive a personalized plan to jump-start your weight loss venture.

Once your program ensues, you can expect to go through multiple phases of the hCG diet, consuming different amounts of calories for the next few months. Your doctor will keep track of your progress and health to prevent your body from experiencing unwanted outcomes.

Also, your doctor will track how far you’ve come to determine your behavior or the problems that could be the reason behind your weight gain. If necessary, you will be prescribed additional supplements to support your road to losing excess weight. 


It’s important to prepare yourself for an hCG diet, beginning with finding out if you’re the right candidate for the program. For people with a firm mission to lose weight, you can speed up your metabolism and achieve a healthy lifestyle with a proper hCG diet. It’s essential to take medical weight loss seriously, which is why partnering with the right professional is a must! 

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