How well Vanquish Treatment works?

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Facts you should know about Vanquish Treatment

Vanquish Treatment is non-invasive and painless. In fact, Vanquish treatment doesn’t even touch the skin. This form of fat reduction method requires 4 sessions. Each time, the patient lies restfully underneath a Vanquish device with adjustable panels that are positioned around the areas of the body that needs treatment.

How does Vanquish Treatment works?

The sensors that are built into the Vanquish device read the body fat and calculate the ideal amount of energy for the device to deliver. During every 30-minute treatment, Vanquish heats the underlying fat to about 120 degrees, while the skin temperature only rises to about 101 degrees. Using targeted heat,the Vanquish apparatus to kill the fat cells themselves, not just the fat within the cells. Vanquish destroys fat cells permanently. Patients who have tried Vanquish treatment say that they feel comfortable during the treatment. They report feeling a warming sensation that they really love. Side effects are minor, with few patients experiencing slight swelling and mild redness for few days.

How well does Vanquish Treatment work?

A study of 25 patients indicates that all had visible results after their initial treatment, and 59% of their abdominal fat was destroyed after completing their 4 sessions. Vanquish treatment has been used to eliminate back fat, love handles, and abdominal fat. Other parts of the body, such as thighs, buttox, and hips can also be treated with the use of Vanquish device, depending on the shape and size.

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For anyone who wants to eliminate their unwanted abdominal fat, back fat, and love handles, Vanquish treatment offered by Z MED Clinic is the ideal solution. We are pleased to help our patients get rid of those stubborn fat deposits and fatty trouble spots.. For more details and information about our services, please feel free to visit our website or get in touch with us now!

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