Essential Things You Need to Know about Dermal Fillers in Texas

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Dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments that help enhance the skin’s volume by filling in the lines and wrinkles of the face. These fillers are typically made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance present in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that helps to keep the skin hydrated and nourished by attracting water from the surroundings.

The fillers are injected into the skin by medical professionals to help fill in facial wrinkles, restore lost volume, target signs of aging, and improve the skin’s general quality.

Today, let’s explore the most important things you need to know about dermal fillers. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Dermal Fillers

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), here are the most common types of fillers used in the cosmetic industry today:

Collagen fillers are one of the most common types of fillers that are used today. This product is made from bovine or human collagen. Collagen fillers are typically composed of two types of collagen, Type I and Type III.

The main difference between collagen Type I and Type III is that Type I has a structure that has a larger mesh size. Collagen Type I generally gives a smoother effect best suited for lip treatments, while collagen Type III works very well with the skin around the mouth.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are made from a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid. This is the same substance that is naturally present in the skin. For this reason, hyaluronic acid fillers are the most common type of filler used in the cosmetic industry today.

Which Dermal Fillers Last the Longest?

Dermal fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, present in the skin. This is why collagen and hyaluronic acid fillers last a very long time. The skin will absorb the filler over time, but this depends on the individual.

For collagen fillers, the effects last around one to two years before they are absorbed. For hyaluronic acid fillers, the effects last between one and two years.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

When injecting a dermal filler, the area is numbed with an anesthetic. Some dermal fillers are made with a numbing agent, and some filters do not contain a numbing agent.

Once the area is numbed, the dermal filler is injected into the skin. Most dermal fillers are administered using a syringe, and the amount of dermal filler injected into the skin depends on the individual.

The dermal filler is then injected into the skin. Small amounts of dermal filler are injected close to the skin, while large amounts of filler are injected deeply into the skin.

The procedure is very quick, and the injections typically do not cause pain. You can expect to experience redness and swelling for a few hours or even a day after the procedure.

Restylane vs. Juvederm

Both Restylane and Juvederm are synthetic dermal fillers that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These dermal fillers are both made from hyaluronic acid.

Restylane is made from a single type of hyaluronic acid, while Juvederm is made from two kinds of hyaluronic acid. The two types of hyaluronic acid are in a “cross-linked” form, meaning they will not separate or break down by themselves.

Restylane is easier to inject, but the effects of Juvederm last longer. It is also worth noting that Juvederm is more expensive than Restylane. Restylane is also available in smaller syringes, and this helps to make the treatment affordable, especially for beginning injectors.

The Bottom Line

It is important to note that dermal fillers are not a replacement for anti-aging skincare treatments. Your skin needs to be maintained to keep it looking young and healthy. A dermal filler treatment can help you in this area, but it cannot replace your regular skincare regimen.

As far as dermal fillers are concerned, it is essential to note that these fillers do not last forever. It is advisable to repeat dermal filler treatments every one to two years. Dermal fillers are a great way to reduce the appearance of fine lines, but it is essential to keep the skin moisturized to keep the skin looking young.

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