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What kind of emotions do you have when you think about becoming older? Let’s say you’ve seen some additional creases or wrinkles on your face, and you’re beginning to feel self-conscious about it. Or maybe you’ve seen a little volume decrease in your lips or cheeks. The idea of dermal fillers may seem appealing to you at first, but you’ll soon find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of fillers on the market when you do some research.

Choosing the ideal filler isn’t as difficult as it seems. If you know what you want, finding cheap fillers in Houston is certainly easy.



Fillers may be used for a variety of different purposes. As we age, a lack of collagen causes lines and wrinkles to appear. They may also be used to increase volume to particular regions, such as the lips or cheeks. A little degree of lift may be achieved by injecting fillers into the skin, which can make saggy and loose skin seem tighter. Some individuals obtain fillers to restore volume in their hands or to get the result of rhinoplasty without surgery.

How Long Do Results Last?

When it comes to the outcomes, which is still another factor that should be considered when selecting filler, while the effects of certain fillers only endure for a few weeks, the effects of others may often last for many years. It all depends on how fast your body metabolizes the filler as well as the thickness of the filler.

The effects of lip fillers only last for around six months. On the other hand, there are a few fillers that are designed to last for up to a year. If you are unclear about how you will feel about having bigger lips, it may be worthwhile to test a filler with a shorter duration of effect first and then move to an option with a longer duration of effect. The same concept applies to all of the fillers.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will Be Conducted?

One last thing you need to consider is the number of treatments you desire. For instance, combining several types of fillers may provide the appearance of total rejuvenation and refreshment to the face. It’s also important to remember that certain treatments take numerous injections to get the desired outcomes.


The cost is based not only on the number of syringes necessary but also on the particular filler chosen. According to several studies, doing “touch-ups” or maintenance procedures on fillers every two weeks may help extend the duration of their effects. Because of this, we typically choose to add fillers during two appointments spaced two weeks apart.

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