Why Women Should Get Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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As women get older, once they reach 40 and beyond, they become a candidate for menopause. The condition has advantages and disadvantages because it lowers hormones, including estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.

The same hormones make up your secondary sex qualities and help preserve your body’s youthfulness and strength. Once you undergo menopause, you will feel your bones, muscles, and tissues start to diminish with time.

If you’re anxious about facing uncomfortable symptoms and wish to remain healthy and age gracefully, you could get a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). The treatment strives to eliminate the unwanted symptoms of menopause and help women achieve better health as they age. Keep reading below to find out more reasons to take on BHRT.

It Uses Similar Hormones to Your Own

Women who choose to get testosterone therapy will be glad to know that they can benefit from bioidentical hormones from plants like soy and yam. They are sources known for producing hormones similar to a human’s. 

Since the bioidentical hormones’ structures are close to your chemical structure, your body can look forward to receiving them better. By surgically inserting pellets, consuming oral formulations, or applying topical solutions, you have fewer chances of getting side effects.

It Balances Your Hormone Levels 

One of the evident symptoms of menopause includes experiencing hot flashes and excessive sweating, making many women feel uncomfortable and restless throughout the day and night. They occur because of your hypothalamus, which acts as your body’s thermostat.

Every time a woman’s hormones lose their balance during menopause, it triggers your hypothalamus to react because of the changes in temperature that your body goes through. When you visit a weight loss clinic in Houston to receive BHRT, you can expect your hormones to stabilize, leading your hypothalamus to become less responsive to changes.

It Greatly Improves Your Sex Life 

Women who experience a sudden decrease in their estrogen during menopause also result in lower moisture levels in their vagina. As a result, their organ produces tiny amounts of lubrication during sexual intercourse.

When undergoing menopause, most women note that they experience a dry and itchy vagina that tends to become painful when having sex. After a weight loss doctor performs BHRT, you can benefit from producing more vaginal moisture and lubrication, a younger-looking genital area, and lesser urinary symptoms. 

It Encourages Better Rest and Mood 

Menopause impacts women’s hormones and leads them to become imbalanced. The goal of BHRT is to keep them steady and allow your body and brain to work correctly and normally again and help increase your overall mood. 

If your hormones feel all over the place, it will affect your sleeping patterns and cause you to lose the rest you need to function better during the day. After the therapy, you can expect to get a good night’s rest more often, making you lighter and happier than ever before.

It Leads to Finer Hair, Skin, and Bones 

While aging is inevitable, women don’t necessarily have to experience the prominent signs of getting old. As soon as you start caring about achieving greater health and wellness through BHRT, you acquire a healthy hormonal balance that’s obvious on your skin. 

Your body ends up producing more collagen and elastin, giving your skin the support it needs to eliminate noticeable signs of sagging, wrinkles, and other age spots. In turn, you achieve tighter and smoother-looking skin and an overall healthier complexion. 


The benefits of BHRT continue to make plenty of women around the world facing menopause happier, content, and feeling younger than ever. The treatment involves using similar hormones, which work to balance your hormone levels, improve your sex life, encourage better rest and mood, and produce finer hair, skin, and bones. If you’re interested in getting bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you should visit a reliable wellness clinic to ensure the procedure can meet your needs.

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