Need-to-Know Facts About IV Therapy Before a Session in Houston

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If you think you don’t need extra vitamins, you may be surprised to learn how much your body needs them. Intravenous vitamin therapy is one of the most effective and economical alternatives to vitamin therapy in pill form. Its quick action and often powerful results are worth the convenience and cost. Vitamin deficiencies are a leading cause of fatigue and many other symptoms, such as muscle aches, spasms, and skin problems. Intravenous vitamin therapy can help with these and other conditions as well.

This blog post will shed light on the benefits of IV therapy in Houston, its cost, and other important facts about it.

Need-to-Know Facts About IV Therapy Before a Session

IV therapy is a treatment in which vitamins and other nutrients, minerals, and other substances are injected directly into your vein through a drip. This allows them to bypass digestion so they get rapidly into your bloodstream and work much faster than they would if you took them in pill form. Some people who have trouble swallowing can use it to overcome the obstacle, and people who have a hard time digesting vitamins and other nutrients can use it to get the nutrients and minerals they need.

How much does IV therapy cost in Houston?

Treatment with intravenous vitamin therapy is a little more expensive than treatment with oral supplements, but it’s not very much. While the cost of the initial treatment can vary, it’s usually around $150 to $300 per session in Houston.

If you consider that the benefits will continue for many weeks after your initial treatment, its cost will pay for itself again and again.

Different types of IV therapy drips and their costs:

1 – Slim Drip – $150

The Slim Drip contains a variety of vitamins, including B vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It’s a popular treatment in alternative health because of the way it can help your body. It also contains glutathione, which is an antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation and improve your body’s overall health.

2 – Beauty Drip – $190

This type of drip can help you naturally look younger and feel more energetic. It addresses the main reasons why people are aging: oxidative stress, inflammation, and hormones. It contains three key minerals, which help treat deficiency symptoms while also maintaining health.

3 – Party Drip – $150

This is a fun treatment because it helps you feel energized and relaxed. It has a unique combination of ingredients for a very effective treatment. The party drip includes antioxidants such as vitamin C, amino acids and magnesium, B vitamins, and a variety of other nutrients and vitamins.

4 – Energy Drip – $220

This treatment can perk you up and make you feel great after only a few sessions. It contains key vitamins and minerals, amino acids and B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants. It’s a great treatment for people who have trouble sleeping and need the energy to get through the day.

5 – Oxygen Drip – $250

This treatment helps deliver a boost of oxygen to your cells to help them function better and carry out a number of different processes in your body. It can improve your skin, help relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and even help reduce your body’s cortisol levels.


It’s possible to get some of the benefits of IV vitamin therapy with oral supplements, but taking vitamins orally just doesn’t give you the same results as having them injected into your bloodstream. If you’re looking for relief from symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches, and other symptoms, give IV vitamin therapy a try.

For more information about this treatment, come to Z Med Clinic today. A specialist will be happy to answer your questions. Get IV Therapy in Houston by booking an appointment!

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