Understanding Infusion Therapy: How Does It Fight Illness?

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The global health crisis has opened the eyes of many who may not have given much thought to their health. Following proper safety protocols can prevent the spread of viruses and germs, but the body’s best defense against harmful pathogens is the immune system. With boosted immunity, your chance of staying healthy heightens.

One way to fight illnesses and stay in good health is through infusion therapy, a treatment designed for people who need help improving their resistance levels. 

What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapy helps the body fight sickness using a shot of good vitamins or antibiotics. The treatment also hydrates the body. In some instances, it can be a fast way to administer medication. However, it should not be mistaken as a cure for diseases but rather a treatment to prevent them. 

How Does it Work?

When you visit medical professionals at Z Med Clinic, their team will evaluate your overall health and determine the type of treatment that can best improve your immune system. Then, you will sit on a chair in the office while an IV bag drips all the needed nutrients into your body. 

This process is gradual to avoid sudden reactions in your body. However, once in your veins, this treatment will start to take effect right away. The vitamins and nutrients go directly into your bloodstream, hastening absorption than taking things orally. 

You are free to relax while this happens.

How Can it Boost Resistance to Illness?

Infusion therapy is packed with vitamins and minerals that can boost immunity. More often than not, the treatment will include B vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin C. However, not every patient’s body is the same. Doctors will evaluate your health and recommend the proper nutrients for your specific case.

Another way IV infusion can fight sickness is with antibiotics. Some doctors include antibiotics if the patient is currently sick and needs immediate relief from the pain. As mentioned previously, this is faster than taking antibiotics orally.

Is this the Right Treatment For You?

Infusion therapy can overall have a positive effect on a human’s health. Plenty of people have benefited from it, and it is safe as long as professionals are behind the treatment. However, some people don’t necessarily need the treatment. There are plenty of other non-medical ways to boost immunity. Consult a doctor before going through with this treatment to determine whether or not you qualify for this treatment.


Infusion therapy is not a new practice. This treatment has been administered by experts and been helping patients for years. If you need to boost your immune system, you can inquire about this treatment from some of the best doctors in Houston.

If you want to know if you are qualified for IV infusion therapy in Houston, visit the experts at Z Med Clinic. We are a state-of-the-art family healthcare clinic with four locations spread across Texas. With years of service to the community, we provide patients the best care with our many medical solutions available. Call us today!

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