What Is IV Therapy and Why Is It Essential?

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When hearing the term, “IV”, people commonly imagine a person lying in a hospital bed and hooked to an IV line. 

This is because IVs are commonly used in health care. They are effective in preventing dehydration, maintaining blood pressure, and giving patients their much-needed nutrients if they can’t eat. Considering this, people’s common idea about IVs as stated above are not entirely wrong. However, you should know that IV treatments can be used for other purposes. 

Particularly, you can receive IV therapy in Houston, TX and have vitamins directly infused into your veins, even if you are not confined because of a particular disease. This helps boost your immune system and make you feel better almost instantly. 

In the sections below, you’ll get to know more about this treatment and how it can benefit you. 

What is IV Therapy? 

As mentioned earlier, this refers to the treatment option wherein fluids are intravenously administered to a person. Primarily, this is commonly used in hospital settings to provide patients with essential medication or nutrients in the fastest way. 

Over recent years, however, IV therapy is also being increasingly sought out by people who want to increase their dose of vitamins and improve their overall wellbeing. 

What Vitamins Are Included in IV Therapies? 

If you are interested in getting this therapy, you should know that it can be customized according to your needs. Your IV therapist will find the best drip to address your health concerns and better your condition. This means that you can get exactly and only what your body needs. 

On that note, here are the two vitamins that may be included in an IV treatment: 

1. Vitamin C 

IVs that have a high dose of Vitamin C can help your body strengthen its immune system, function properly and combat fatigue. Aside from this, they can also help you achieve a healthy-looking glow.  

2. Glutathione 

This antioxidant, when received intravenously, can help your body eliminate toxins and consequently improve its immune response. This also helps you reduce fatigue and experience a boost in your energy levels. 

What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy? 

As alluded to in the previous sections, there are various benefits of receiving IV therapy. Aside from those already mentioned, here are some more things that it can do for your body: 

  • It helps your body absorb vitamins better. 
  • It can provide you with the hydration you need; this is especially helpful for athletes who are undergoing rigorous training regularly. 
  • It can greatly contribute to any preventive healthcare plans you may have. IV treatments can complement a treatment plan you are undergoing to effectively resolve your health concerns. 
  • It can reduce your fatigue and increase your energy levels, allowing you to perform better at work and in your personal life. 


While IVs are popularly known to be used in hospital settings, you can use them in other ways. The vitamins they contain can be customized to provide you with the boost you need or help address your specific health concerns. These IVs can also be made to complement your current treatment plan or simply strengthen your immune system. If you want to enjoy the benefits of this therapy, it’s best to get in touch with trusted IV Vitamin Therapy and Hydration therapy providers in your area. 

You can count on us at Z Med Clinic to provide you with a highly effective IV therapy in Houston, TX. We are the trusted and state-of-the-art family healthcare clinic in Texas providing exceptional health support services for a long time. Allow us to care for you—book an appointment today! 

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