Why a Family Practice in Cypress and Houston Is Essential

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If you need a doctor due to sudden flu symptoms, chronic back pain, a mysterious rash, or something else, who is your first point of contact?

A family physician can be the person to give you the solution for most health issues. A medical emergency is an exception, though. An emergency is a legitimate reason to visit an emergency room, not a family clinic. That said, many Americans unnecessarily use the ER or urgent care as their primary source of care. 

It’s one cause among many that we spend more on healthcare as a county than anybody else but still rank far from the top in health outcomes.

Using more principal care physicians — as well as family doctors — can solve this problem. Here’s how health and wellness clinics in Houston and Cypress with trusted family doctors can help:

Family Doctors Know Your Health History

When something goes wrong with your health, it’s often your primary care doctor that can provide the best solution. A family doctor knows your medical history, family health history and performs a physical exam.

Family doctors know what medications you take and whether they interact with other medicines. They can help you with non-serious issues like a sore throat and even more complicated problems like high blood pressure.

They Can Offer Treatment Beyond What You Expect to Get from Them

When you are under a family doctor’s care, you get more than an address to the hottest new urgent care, emergency room, or walk-in clinic.

In fact, some family practices have agreements with other clinics and can direct you to the best place, besides their own practice, to seek treatment in the event of an emergency. (That option is also available to you if you’re a new family practice patient.)

They Can Assist You in Finding Specialists if Needed

A family physician is more likely to suggest other treatment options beyond the care they are providing. They can refer you to specialists that can help treat issues and illnesses outside their scope of practice.

Family doctors are also aware of alternative treatment options like nutrition programs and can provide referrals if they deem it beneficial for their patients.

They Can Help Detect Health Concerns and Save Lives

Family doctors can be the first line of defense against health issues. Physicians have access to medical records and lab information that can alert them to health concerns months before symptoms appear.

This is especially important with chronic health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. A family physician can give you helpful information about your medical history, offer suggestions for healthy habits, and provide treatment for chronic health issues.

Cypress and Houston Med Clinics Can Save You Money

Primary care physicians and family doctors are more affordable health care options, especially if you are paying a premium to visit urgent care or the emergency room.

These clinics and family practices can offer discounts if you pay annually instead of a visit-by-visit fee.


In the end, family medicine is a great option to have in your health plan. Whether or not you have a family doctor, or you can’t get in to see your current family doctor, finding a quality Houston health and wellness clinic with a family doctor will ensure insurance coverage and care.

It may also be a primary source of care for you, which can save you money if you don’t use a lot of visits. In looking for a family practice, consider one that offers a full range of patient services, such as urgent care or walk-in hours. This can give you more value if you need immediate care.

Whether you’re looking for new health care in general or seeking a family practitioner, Z Med Clinic is among the best and most trusted health and wellness clinics in Houston and Cypress that can provide you with quality care. Contact us to set an appointment with one of our 

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About Anne Marie Ponce de Leon

Anne Marie Ponce de Leon MD is a proud native Houstonian. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Houston Baptist University with a double major in Biology and History. For medical school, she attended the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (recently renamed McGovern Medical School). She began her family practice training at Tufts University Medical School in Boston, MA, but subsequently returned to Houston where she completed her residency at the Memorial Southwest Family Practice Program.

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