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At Z Med Clinics, our first priority is service to our patients. We appreciate that our patients look to us for first-rate medical care, for themselves and for everyone in the family. For this reason, we have run our family practice clinics with the aim to provide you with the best medical services in town.

We not only treat sickness and disease, we aim to provide excellent care for every family who comes to our doorstep. Our clinic locations are easy to find. Our clinics are situated in convenient locations so that everyone can reach us without any difficulty. Our friendly intake staff are available at the front desk to assist you and to answer your queries and also direct you to appropriate departments.

Our staff are well familiar with the services that we offer in family practice.  They can provide you with full information on our service offerings. Whatever your age, we are equipped to provide care to you. This makes us unique and family-friendly. In order to reach us 24/7, we maintain a patient portal to view lab reports and test results.  We have also fully integrated with a Virtual Healthcare Delivery System (VDHS), which allows your family to reach your healthcare provider at a mutually convenient time from your home or office. These technologies help to streamline your treatment.

We focus on wellness and prevention strategies to help you resist the onset or recurrence of the disease. Z Med Clinic also offers routine check-ups, screening tests, vaccinations, and other services.

We make a point to see that our healthcare providers spend adequate time with all our patients to appropriately explain their condition or that of their loved ones. In the case of emergency or special situations, we will connect you with a specialist in the field.

Z Med Clinic takes pride in caring for our patients and their families and on providing a smooth patient service experience at our clinic. Visit us to see how we operate. We put our patients first at Z Med Clinic.

We accept the following insurances: Click Here Or Call office for more details.

Call us at (713) 541-6988, or at (281) 292-3030.

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