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In this epoch, everyone is striving to excel in the professional life, and this has led to the condition where we are ignoring our health while getting more and more trophies every day. The sedentary life style and reliance on the dense energy food has created such conditions that affect our fitness and subsequently lead towards obesity and related maladies. It is not a big deal to be in shape; it just requires our little attention and some time for us. We are gaining weight due to our lifestyle, so the need of the hour is to play with it.

1.         The first and foremost tip to initiate any weight loss plan is to prepare your mind, or you can say that to be in good shape it is very crucial to realize this to your nerves. When you are psychologically ready to go for this fight, you will reach your destiny soon.

2.         Always remember to fight with your diet; whenever you are going to take a meal, it must be in your mind to avoid the dense food and try to make such choices that are healthier such as replacing baked items with fruits and vegetables. Replace the white flour with whole grain products, cut off fat by avoiding fried foods and use low-fat dairy products. Replace white sugar with no sugar or brown sugar.

3.         Make a record of the daily routine of your dietary habits. It will help to manage that you are eating right and taking the required calories. Your daily track will give you a glimpse that what are you eating and in how much amount?

4.         Scientific research has proven that if you reduce 500 Calories from your daily diet, you will lose 1 pound of your weight in a week.

5.         It has become our habit to skip the breakfast, but for proper health, it is essential to take healthy breakfast. One thing more partition your meals into small portions i.e. take the small serving size of each meal and try to take 4-5 meals a day.

6.         Drink plenty of water as it is a natural detoxifying agent and replace it with all the drinks in your daily diet.

7.         To achieve fitness, diet and exercise are two important pillars so along with the management of your diet do regular exercise which makes you happy.

8.         It should be kept in mind that fitness require your full devotion and regularity.

Anne Marie Ponce de Leon

Medical Director

About Anne Marie Ponce de Leon

Anne Marie Ponce de Leon MD is a proud native Houstonian. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Houston Baptist University with a double major in Biology and History. For medical school, she attended the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (recently renamed McGovern Medical School). She began her family practice training at Tufts University Medical School in Boston, MA, but subsequently returned to Houston where she completed her residency at the Memorial Southwest Family Practice Program.

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