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Waxing, shaving, and plucking body hair in sensitive areas becomes a non-issue with laser hair removal. It effectively reduces and removes regrowth for a more confident, vibrant you. But as with anything new, trying this technology out can be scary. You have no idea what it feels like or how much it even costs!

That’s why we’ve come up with this list of tips for you to feel more at ease and prepared for your first laser hair removal treatment.

Know How It Works

You’re already off to a good start because you’re reading this article! Here’s how this process works:

During treatment, your technician will apply a laser to the targeted area. The laser sends light into your skin, destroying the pigment in the follicle and preventing the hair from growing back.

Laser hair removal treatments should be spaced every five weeks to be effective. During treatment, multiple hairs are removed. This is appropriate because hair follicles are in a growth phase in those weeks.

Know the Process

Getting this treatment isn’t a one-and-done deal. Like most medical procedures, there are steps to follow to be effective.

  • Consultation: Patients must first talk to a licensed, registered aesthetician to mark which areas are subject to laser hair removal. They will also note your medical histories, such as congenital illnesses and medications you are currently taking to ensure these do not interfere with the treatment.
  • Preparation and Prevention: The technician will put on sunglasses to protect you from the laser. Every part of your body except the treatment area will be covered up with clothing. A skin-numbing cream or gel may help dull the sensation. The technician is trained to use the equipment, but you are free to ask if you have questions.
  • Actual Procedure: The laser treatment will be fast. To make it less uncomfortable, your skin might be coated in cooling gel, and the hand-held laser might have a cooling device. The technician will activate the laser, and you may feel some discomfort. Treatments take between 5–15 minutes.
  • Post-Procedure Care: After your session, you will see some swelling and redness for a few weeks. Avoid direct sun exposure, wear sunscreen, and avoid working out for a few weeks.

Pre-Procedure Guidelines

Now you know what to expect and are more confident with pushing through, you must observe pre-procedure care guidelines to get the most out of your laser hair removal treatment. These include:

  • No Waxing: Don’t wax or pluck before the procedure for at least four weeks. Laser hair removal needs to target the roots of your hair, and the prior methods remove them down to the roots, which potentially makes your treatments less effective.
  • No Tanning: Avoid using sunscreen and limit sun exposure if you’re getting laser hair removal and want your tan to last. Natural and artificial tans render laser hair removal less effective. Don’t schedule an appointment if you have a sunburn or if you currently have a tan.
  • Review and Disclose All Medications: We cannot stress this enough: take inventory and disclose your medications to the aesthetician before pushing through with the procedure. These include ingested and topical medications you currently take so they can give you the best treatment possible.
  • Shave: Unlike waxing or plucking, shaving is acceptable because it shortens hairs, making the laser application easier and reaching the roots much faster.

No Hair, Don’t Care

Remember to take good care of your skin as well during this time, since that’s where your hairs protrude from. Aside from avoiding sunlight and tanning, hydrate and get proper sleep, so your body’s in the best shape to receive this treatment, and you can recover much faster to achieve your coveted no hair, don’t care physique!

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