Laser Hair Removal: Is It Effective On Ginger Hair?

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Getting rid of unwanted hair can be done in several ways, but laser hair removal remains to be one of the most effective and lasting. It used to work only on people with dark hair and light skin, but people with dark hair are now ideal candidates as well for the treatment. However, will you get your desired results if you have ginger hair?

What Should You Expect from a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Years ago, laser hair removal produced only the best results when there was a color contrast between the hair and the skin. This is because the type of laser or wavelength applied depended on the person’s skin tone and hair color. Since laser hair removal factors in hair color and hair follicles, the procedure was ineffective if there were very few color pigments. 

Because of this, natural redheads with ginger or really light blonde hair run the risk of affecting the precision capabilities of the laser. Their hair’s shade makes it more difficult for the machine to differentiate their hair against their skin. Additionally, the melanin also was not able to absorb the energy. The good news is that laser hair removal is now possible even when you have light hair.

What Factors are Considered in Modern Laser Treatment?

Thanks to modern technology, there is now an effective treatment available for all skin tones and hair colors. It works as long as a suitable machine is used on the patient. If you seek laser hair removal services, the right wavelength must be utilized to make the energy bypass melanin and reach its destination. To get to the follicle, it does not solely rely on melanin. 

Keep in mind that the hair on various parts of your body has different colors. For instance, if you have red hair, your hair may actually be in different shades of red. Regardless of the hair color, only modern laser hair removal devices that can hold a few pigments and pick up light hair must be used. 

What to Expect from a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal machines work better with coarse or thick hair. As a natural redhead, this treatment may work in your favor because people with ginger hair usually have thicker hair, so expect successful results.

Just note that red hair is still under the spectrum of light hair. After all, it is not as straightforward as with dark hair on light skin. Because of this, the laser may still have trouble picking up the hair, and you may require additional sessions, depending on your physiology. A minimum of 6-8 sessions is generally ideal for achieving good results, but you may need up to 12 if you have ginger hair. To determine the best number of sessions for you, discuss your treatment during consultation.


For years, laser hair removal treatment only worked on people with dark hair and light skin because it used to require a clear hair-to-skin contrast. Fortunately, new laser technology changed that. Now, people with ginger hair can enjoy the benefits of this procedure. To get started flaunting smooth, hair-free skin, find a trusted clinic. 

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